Teach with talent


Smiles beyond experiences

The pedagogical model that wraps up how we work with the children is to teach with talent. A model based in coherence, respect and common sense.

Our team, integrated by teaching professionals with plenty of experience, in continuous training and up to date with the latest trends in the field.

To TEACH WITH TALENT is one of our fundamentals in our educational proposal.

We pretend to help the kid to find its own happiness, making the families involved in this challenge.

Our teachers strive to know the kid, to teach with common sense and efficiency. Humility, patience and compromise are common elements to our entire team.

To get the child to learn to be happy by his or her own means, while making the parents able to teach calm and stress-free is the objective of Óscar González. He is a primary teacher, writer, educational adviser, lecturer and founder of the project School of Parents with talent 3.0.


And our families… teach with talent too!

Competent families, Happy children

rescuela infantil en inglés en valencia-padres

One of the biggest challenges we face in our school is to involve the families in our project, to transmit this talent when educating their kids.

Therefore, we commit to form and advise the families in order to make them more competent in this regard.

Given the relevance that the role of the families has in our school, it’s our responsibility to respond to all the needs that may arise in the educational field throughout the course.

From the School of Parents we also propose ourselves to unify criteria with the families to strive all of us in the same direction in order to reach the same final objective: A happy kid!

Quality in the processes


Psycho-pedagogical school La Aurora

We are permanently at the school, so we manage and advise firsthand in all of our activities and programs.

The main function of the psycho-pedagogical office of our school is to orient and advise. To encourage positively the educational process in which, through stimulant and scheduled activities, we perform to your kids.

centro de educación infantil en inglés en Valencia - psicopedagogic

It is very important that all the people that surround the kid get involved in the task, so we work closely with each one of the teachers and you, the parents. We are always at your complete disposal to solve any difficulty that may arise, attend any doubt and advise in the first learnings of your kids.

At the International School La Aurora 2, we find crucial to follow the evolutive development of each one of our children, with the objective to promote maturity and be able to prevent possible upcoming difficulties.

Early prevention in the detection of learning difficulties, behaviour and/or social interaction, will limit more resistant future problems that may interfere with the student’s academic future or personal development.