The best present


We open the minds for the future

Since the beginning we open their minds for the future and we provide them with the necessary strategies to adapt to what is to come.

Through Early Child Development we give the child the opportunity to develop all of their potential and capabilities through the stimulation in all areas.

It is a way to offer them many more opportunities so that, eventually, they choose the options they like the most.

We intervene in the right way at the right time. The first years of life are decisive for their future. As specialists at early ages we can become the best gift for your child’s future.

La Aurora 2 International School has it’s own educational proposal for child education in order to adapt to the necessities and characteristics of all of our children. Our daily experience with them teaches us that every one of them is unique and special. Therefore, why should every kid learn the same, in the same way, at the same time?

In our school, the key to that challenge is to bet on an educational project based in the theory of multiple intelligences as well as the contributions of neuroscience applied to the learning process. The desire to respect individuality and take into account the multiple capacities of each child, leads us to start at an early age, and everything only in English.

Every human being is able to perceive the world in nine different ways!

educación infantil en inglés en Valencia - manualidades

The point in which we all differ from each other is in the intensity of each of these intelligences and the way we are appealed to each of them.

Our Early Child Development method, together with our educational project, are the way to offer them from our International School all the possible opportunities so that, in the future, they are able to chose that what they are most identified with.

In the second cycle, we work with projects incorporating as a proposal the latest trends in education, such as the Entusiasmat project. We encourage the kids motivated by their curiosity and the inexhaustible search for answers to be the main characters of their own development.

Through games and practical scenarios we stimulate their creativity as well as their emotional, motor, thinking and linguistic capabilities.

Food for the brain


We use in our project the latest results in neuroscience.

The first years are an open window of crucial possibilities and opportunities for our sons and daughters. It turns to be particularly relevant the movement and balance, as they are the first sensory system to develop fully.

Movement is the process in which body and mind learn to work together. The children learns with their bodies first than with their minds.

“Movement is the first language of a kid”

escuela infantil en inglés en valencia-niño gateando

“Movement is the main mental food for the brain of our children”

Kids express themselves through a variety of movement, gestures, and an alteration of postures before learning to talk.

In La Aurora 2 International School we want to provide our children the best possible environment in which to thrive, so we introduced in our Project Method a program focused on integrating the primitive reflexes. The development of our kids will be favored in terms of balance, eye movement and coordination.

We are pioneers in the program of integration in the classrooms of primitive reflexes.

La Aurora Experiences Club


Always Moving

In Aurora 2 International School the movement in the first years of life holds a relevant position. Our project, Aurora Experiences, is born with the idea of making families share experiences and activities through meetings oriented to promote physical exercise, a healthy lifestyle, the harmonic coexistence one with each other and with the environment.


Parents’s workshops. Parents enjoy in the classroom sharing their experiences with children. Moments of meetings in school environment.